Category: Weapons
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Advanced Metal Workshop
Used to create: Shelter Defense with guns,
Attacking with guns
Ammunition for firearms.

–Item Description


Ammunition is a Weapons category item. It can be scavenged from containers, obtained as barter from Traders, or crafted from components at the Advanced Metal Workshop.

The in-game ammunition is simplified (unlike real life firearms) in that it can be used for any firearm. Thus, the same ammunition pool can be used to fire the pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, and scoped assault rifle.

While scavenging- the pistol, shotgun, and scoped assault rifle use 1 ammunition per firing of the weapon. The assault rifle uses 3 ammunition per firing. If the survivors use assault rifles for shelter defense then the expenditure of ammunition tends to be very high compared to the other weapons. The effectiveness of this is debatable since arming survivors with multiple shotguns- along with the various shelter defenses- typically thwarts even the most aggressive raids without incurring losses.

Crafting Cost

Ammunition Crafting Cost
Crafter GunpowderIcon ShellCasingsIcon Component
Any 1 1 1