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Area Details
Danger Level: High
Inhabitants: 1 Civilian, 2 Soldiers
Useful Tools: Crowbar or Lock Pick, Shovel (3 piles)

The Airport is an scavenging location added in the Anniversary Edition.


The airport is a huge area, consisting of a several-story terminal building, a damaged airplane and a small outpost, converted out of the air-traffic control tower. A civilian can be found in the terminal area, while the outpost is populated by Graznavia military. Three rubble piles can be found in the terminal, so a shovel can be useful. The outpost has a locked cabinet.

There are ten pieces of furniture that can be chopped for wood and fuel using the hatchet, four in the terminal, one in the plane and five in the outpost.

Like the soldiers in the Military Outpost, the soldiers here will offer a chance to leave if caught trespassing, but will shoot if the warning is ignored. A second exit can be found the right of the outpost.

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